12 Months of Ella// Month 8

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weight: Maybe 18 pounds? Either way she is heavy haha.

Height: 28 inches?

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: She's mostly wearing 6-9 months and 9 months.

Sleeping: She is down to two naps a day most days, but she also sleeps through the night most nights so I'm mostly okay with it. She's getting better and better at consistently putting herself to sleep.

Eating: Up to 6 ounces at a time. She is terrible at holding her own bottle because she just wants to roll over and crawl away rather than eat. She eats purees at least once a day and she loves to snack on yogurt melts, puffs, and baby cheetos throughout the day. She will also eat small bites of our food. She absolutely loves anything that isn't formula while she thinks that formula is just alright. She will not drink cold formula at all.

Milestones: Sitting herself up from laying down, crawling, pulling herself up to standing, she still doesn't have any teeth

Likes: Peek-a-boo/ puffs/ yogurt melts/ antagonizing her brother/ being held/ toys that light up or play music/ crawling so that she is right under my feet

Dislikes: Being alone/ face being wiped/ crawling in the grass

Personality: Ella learning to crawl has really shown her adventurous side. She has to go everywhere she can. She loves to crawl over to Hudson and try to climb on him. She's happiest when she is moving around with you playing with her. She doesn't like people she doesn't know when she is tired or sometimes at all.

I asked Hudson to give Ella some of her yogurt melts.
He went and got the container of yogurt out of the fridge for her.
Either way it kept her quiet and entertained. 
I was sitting at the counter getting some work  done, and I looked over to see her standing along the couch for the first time. 
Truthfully, it about broke my heart because it's another step closer to walking, graduation high school, and moving out..

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

My mom/Rebekah scored us some conference tickets, so the first weekend in April we ditched the kids with the grandparents (thank so much for watching them), and drove down to Salt Lake City to attend the afternoon session of General conference. 
It was so nice to get away from the kids and responsibilities for a day. It felt like we were newlyweds again which I loved.
 It was my first time attending general conference in the conference center, and I absolutely loved it. 

I don't think I have any pictures, but my birthday was April 4th. We ate dinner at Cafe Rio which has kind of become a tradition, and then invited the Bushes over for ├žake because we didn't need to eat an entire cake ourselves. 

I happened to see a news article on Facebook that the Angel Moroni would be put back on the temple the next morning. Rebekah was staying with us over her spring break, so I convinced her to come with us. We loaded up the kids and went and sat in the gorgeous weather to watch. It really was pretty cool to see it happen.
Hudson had the time of his life climbing all over the van and pretending to drive while Ella preferred to be an angel in her car seat and play with some toys.

I can't believe how much smaller she already looks in this picture and it wasn't even taken 2 months ago..

Our 4th wedding anniversary was April 13th and we celebrated with dinner at Jakers (which didn't cost us a dime because we used a gift card Taylor had gotten for Christmas from his boss) and a stay at the Destination's Inn. 
Dinner was super good, but we decided we don't really have fancy enough tastebuds for Jakers haha. 
The hotel was fantastic and definitely something I want to do every year we possibly can.
We stayed in the Congo room which we really liked. 
If we ever build a house I will be putting a shower in just like this one no matter how much it costs. 
We came back from the hotel Friday morning, grabbed the kids, and headed to battle zone so Hudson could go play in the bounce houses while I had Taylor there for extra help. 
Last time I tokk him to battle zone it was just me and I can assure you it isn't fun to help a 2 year old through the bounce house while carrying a 15+ pound baby the whole time. 

The Friday before Easter we got together with the Bushes, ate some pizza (as if that's a surprise), and let the boys go crazy dying Easter eggs. I think just about all eggs were dyed twice and some even went in for a third round because they were so sad when they ran out of eggs to dye.

The Saturday before Easter we took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at a local park. It was windy and cold, but Hudson still loved it. We were super awesome parents and woke Ella up later than we should have, so in our rush to leave the house we forgot Hudson's egg hunting bucket. We had no grocery bags in the car or literally anything else in the car for Hudson to put eggs in. (That's one disadvantage of almost always having a spotless car haha) As we were walking to the park from the car Taylor grabbed a bag that was meant for dog poop for Hudson to use. I mean it even said "dogpoopbag.com" on it. Proud parenting moment for sure. Before the Egg hunt officially began Hudson was picking up eggs that had blown out of the egg hunting area. He got WAY more geggs than last year which made him pretty happy.
Later that afternoon we did a barbecue and an egg hunt with some families in our neighborhood. 
Each family filled tons of eggs which made it so the kids got tons of eggs.
I think all children walked away happy with their full baskets and buckets.
The kids woke up to plenty of goodies from the Easter bunny. 
Well Hudson did at least. 
Ella didn't get much because she has all of Hudson's old baby toys to play with haha.
We went to church, and then fed all of our poor college student siblings (and a sibling's friend) a delicious dinner before Rebekah had to go to work.

We had our first trip to the zoo right after it opened.
Since then we've probably been at least ten times.
Having a zoo pass is basically the best thing ever.

Ella learning to sit up has been the greatest thing with these two girls.
It's so fun watching them play together and thr having Ella make Emma mad by touching her, taking her binky, or snatching her toy away.
Even if they make each other mad they really are best friends in the making.

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12 Months of Ella// Month 7

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weight: 17+ pounds

Height: 27-28 inches

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: 6 months, 6-9 months, and she's even starting to fit into 9 month pajamas-she's so long!

Sleeping: This girl has climbed mountains in this last month with her sleeping. Instead of it taking us 1-2 hours to get her to sleep 4 or 5 nights a week we are down to that only happening once or twice a week. She likes her binky less and less and at this point she will only take it if I put it in immediately after I take her bottle out while trying to get her to sleep. If she is still wide awake after I feed her (even though I know she's tired), then I put her in her crib and she puts herself to sleep. Wait, whaaaat?! It's a miracle, I know. She doesn't put herself to sleep every time, but she still doesn't it and that is a miracle. I still loosely swaddle her when I feed her and put her down, but she is no longer really sleeping swaddled. If I put her down awake, then she bust out of her swaddle before she is asleep. If I put her down asleep, then she is usually out of the swaddle in no time. Being that she doesn't actually sleep swaddled anymore she has become a belly sleeper. She usually takes 3 naps a day, but that last nap is starting to become a struggle. Most nights she is up once a night, but occasionally she gets up twice and occasionally she sleeps through the night.

Oh and we're pretty sure the days of her napping at church are over. Hudson was the same way though, so I'm night too surprised.

Eating: She drinks 5 ounces every time I put her to sleep so every 3-4 hours just depending. She LOVES solid foods. She'll down a whole jar of baby food and get so upset when it's gone. I usually feed her food for breakfast. We started giving her puffs in the last week or two, and it's safe to say that she is a big fan of them. So far she has liked every food we have given her. except for peas

Milestones: completely sitting up on her own, scooting backwards, getting onto her hands and knees and rocking.

Likes: Hudson playing with her/ sitting up and playing with toys/ swinging in the swing in the backyard/ riding in the tractor's wagon/ food-puffs or purees

Dislikes: being left alone/ falling over while sitting up/ having her face wiped off

Personality: Ella has become so fun. 6 months is the start of my favorite age, so this last month has easily been my favorite month yet with her. She loves to smile and loves to copy you. She idolizes Hudson and giggles at him whenever he plays with her.

Excuse the whining, but here she is getting onto her hands and knees.

Getting her out of her crib is my favorite thing because she is so happy to see you when she first wakes up.
Scooting backwards has gotten her into some tricky situations.
Under the TV stand has probably been her least favorite situation so far.

Hudson's 7 month update can be found here.

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