Thursday, July 19, 2018

December kicked off with the arrival breakfast for our elf, Cinnamon.
He's a nice elf that simply moves around to random spots in the house that don't require much effort at all haha.

Uncle Matt came for a visit a few weeks before he moved across country to only be 3 hours from us.
Hudson was a big fan of him. Ella.. not so much.
We roped him into going to iJump while he was here.
I was grateful to have Hudson play with him instead of me.
3 year olds wear you out so fast.

Ella's mullet became long enough to be put into pig tails..

Hudson turned 3!
We celebrated with a Lightning McQueen party which you can read all about here.
On Hudson's birthday I took the kids to the museum to burn off some energy and help celebrate the day.
At his 3 year old check up a day or two later, we were happy to hear that he is developing well/normal and talking well. His percentiles were in the 20s and low 30s, but that wasn't a surprise at all since that's where he's always been.

Ella and Emma had a grand old time with the hymn books one Sunday during Sunday school.
Mischievous as ever, but look at that cute outfit :)

All the details of our Christmas can be found here.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

On the 23rd we had a very unexpected visitor stop by.. Santa!
A guy in our ward decided to surprise everyone and knocked and walked in just before the kids were going to be put to bed. Ella was less than thrilled to see a stranger, and Hudson was a bit star struck.

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday this year, so off to church we went.
I love me some holiday wear for church!

Taylor's parents stopped by that afternoon to give the kids their Christmas presents.
Ella got this horse and carriage.
Hudson got a good size metal dump truck and a loader.

We do our fancy dinner on Christmas Eve, so that I don't spend all day cooking on Christmas.
We kept it fairly simple, and it was perfect for us.
Christmas Eve jammies
Before putting the kids to bed I read Twas the Night Before Christmas and Taylor read the story of Christ's birth from our nice fancy Bible. Just kidding.. He read it off of his phone hahaha.
After putting the kids to bed we became real parents and spent a few hours putting toys together.
This was our first year having multiple toys to put together on Christmas Eve, so I think we officially leveled up haha.

Santa brought a toy kitchen, a large dump truck, fire truck, and car hauling truck, as well as a few other toys.
We enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls and let the kids play with their toys from Santa for a while before we opened presents.

Hudson LOVED opening presents! It was all we could do to make him slow down so someone else could open a present. Thanks to some awesome Target toy clearance in July, Hudson ended up with a lot of new toys.
This little $13 Mack was the best toy we got for Hudson. 
He plays with it literally ever single day.

We took a quick trip to dump boxes and other garbage from the holiday, and Hudson quickly passed out in the truck from all of the excitement of the day.

Other presents that I want to remember:
Pink motorcycle for Ella from Poppy and Gigi
Tractor and combine grain harvesting set for Hudson from Poppy and Gigi
Beard cape, electric razor, and a Super Nintendo for Taylor from me
Apple watch and different colored band from Taylor to me.

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Hudson's Third Birthday Party

Thursday, June 28, 2018

For Hudson's third birthday we threw him a small Lightening McQueen birthday party.
He LOVED it, so that made it a success.
I kept things simple which was best for everyone.
We did some light snacks, pizza for dinner, and cake for dessert.
The drink was "motor oil" also known as root beer ;) 
Cozy cone ring toss was a little above their age levels, but I thought it was still cute haha.

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