Hudson Says Huh? Volume 2

Thursday, February 22, 2018

After eating dinner at Chik fil A Hudson lifted up his shirt, pointed to his belly, and said, "french fries in there."

I asked Hudson to do something, and he replied, "Ok. Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. Fine."

Refers to bagels as "doughnuts."

Calls the piston cup (from cars) "piss in a cup." We're working to correct that pronunciation really hard.

After telling him our plan for the morning (get doughnuts and visit Taylor at work/see daddy's tractors), Hudson was repeating the plan back to me. "See daddy's tractors and get doughnuts and pizza!" Sorry buddy, we're not getting pizza at 9 in the morning.

After repeatedly being told to leave Ella alone Hudson said, "But I caaaan't!"

I backed out of the car port to pull back in because I had parked a little too close to the wall. As I was backing out Hudson said, "try again, mom."

After going to the bathroom I was helping him wipe when Ella walked into the doorway. Hudson quickly exclaimed, "Go away, Ella! I yucky!"

While fixing Hudson's motorcycle Taylor said to himself, "I need a screwdriver."
Hudson replied, "Ok! Mommy, dad needs a screwdriver!"

While saying the prayer over dinner one night Ella gagged on the food she had already started eating.
Hudson immediately stopped his prayer, turned to her, said "Excuse you!?", and then continued on with his prayer like nothing happened.

Calls soap and hand sanitizer "rub rub" because when he uses them he's always told to rub rub rub rub rub.

While helping unload groceries from the van he exclaimed, "Pumpkin pie!? My dinner!"

I asked Hudson to clean up his toys. He replied, "Whaaaat?! Are you kidding me mom?"

A casual conversation one day went like this:
"Do you want a puppy, Hudson?"
"No. I want a dinosaur."

One morning he was hanging out in his batman footie jammies riding one of the little ride on toys we have. Ella came up and gave him a push just like he does to her, and Hudson looked at her and said with the most serious tone "Don't push Batman."

Helping Hudson say the prayer over dinner one night..
Me: "Say in the name of Jesus Christ"
Hudson: "In the name of Mater"
Taylor and I lost it at that one.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Two random pictures from the month.
The beginning stages of learning to walk, and some sibling love. Poor girl haha.

I took the kids to Rexburg Rapids one afternoon. 
I talked Aunt Bekah and Emily into joining us which was nice to have the help.
Hudson was a big fan of the slides, and Ella liked hanging out in the water.
They both loved the lazy river as long as they didn't get sprayed by any of the water features.
Emily bought ice cream for herself and Hudson. 
Ella quickly conned her way into getting the ice cream from Ella.
It was a good thing we could go stick them back in the water to wash off the stickiness that wipes couldn't take care of.

The cutest little bumble bee ever.
While grabbing some things from Walmart one day I saw that their swing sets had gone on clearance.
We debated between getting the swing set or a trampoline and ultimately decided on the swing set.
I spent 2/3 of a day working on it by myself while Taylor was at work. Then Emily showed up and she helped for a few hours until Taylor got home.
Once Taylor got home we worked on it until flash lights just weren't cutting it anymore.
The next morning I had just a couple of little things to finish up and then it was done!
Hudson loved trying to help with his fake power drill and toy screwdrivers. 
He really loved that we spent alllllll day long outside.
He was so excited to get his own little clubhouse, and spent many many hours in it the rest of the summer.

We spent one afternoon in Grace talking with Grandma Ella, taking a nice ride in the Rzr, and picking raspberries.
We learned that Ella is has more of an adventurous side than we thought.
She LOVED riding in the Rzr and was reaching for Taylor on his dirt bike much of the time.
Hudson really hates loud noises so he remained apprehensive much of the time, but he loved both the Rzr and riding the dirt bike with Taylor.
It was actually the first time either child had ridden on the dirt bike with Taylor.
I think we waited so long with Hudson just because he has such an issue with loud noises.
He still isn't a fan of how loud they are, but he didn't like the few minutes of riding with Taylor that he did.

I saw this shirt online and just had to make it.
Ella wasn't anywhere close to walking when I made this shirt for her.
1-2 weeks later she became a walking machine.
That's how it seems to go, isn't it?
At least she looked stinking cute in it during the few wears she got out of it.

I took Hudson (and Ella) to see his first movie in the theater.
Cars is his favorite movie  so we thought he would really enjoy seeing Cars 3.
We waited until it was in the cheap theater because we had no idea how he would do. 
I didn't realize that the showing we were going to was 3D until we got there.
I didn't think it would be an issue until Hudson refused to wear the glasses. 
He had to pee at least three different times during the movie, but overall he didn't do too terrible considering he was watching it without the 3D glasses. 
For anyone who still hasn't seen it, it's a cute movie.
We now own it, and Hudson loves Cruz and Miss Fritter.

Eclipse weekend brought in a couple different events to Idaho Falls.
The highlight of events for me (other than the actual eclipse) was The Brothers Osborne concert.
Tickets were cheap, and the music was pretty good.
I could have lived without the 15 different guitar solos, but overall it was good.
I've never been to a concert before with so many dang guitar solos, and I've been to quite a few.
All I'm saying is that neither Brad Paisley or Scotty McCreery didn't need that many guitar solos...

We let Hudson ride his bike for the first time instead of riding in the bike trailer while we went on a longish ride at the Snake River Landing.
Hudson did even better than we thought he would have.
He made it almost 1.5 miles and would have kept going except we made him stop because Ella was so ready for bed.
We were so impressed with him!

August was the month of the great total solar eclipse. 
We were lucky to live in the path of totality.
There was SO much hype for this event.
While the crowds disappointed us a little bit (not that we minded), the eclipse did not disappoint at all.
Taylor parents surprised us and showed up for the eclipse, and Taylor surprised me by coming home from work for an hour or two to watch it with us.
The kids absolutely loved having everyone there so it was perfect.
We watched the moon go farther and farther over the sun from our front yard.
Hudson thought it was so neat.
He loved putting the eclipse glasses on and taking a look at the sun.
He could never get them to stay on, so every time he looked he held them to his face like this.
It was hilarious and so cute.
Ella didn't care too much about what the sun and the moon was doing.
She was just happy to have everyone around to give her attention.
The minute or so of totality was so cool!
We were impressed with just how dark it got and how cold it got.
In that minute or so of totality you felt like you needed a light jacket on a day that the high was almost 90.
After the moment of totality was over everyone left and Taylor went back to work.
The kids and I went to play some more with my Aunt and Uncle and some cousins that came to town for the event.
Hudson was in heaven with all the toys and big kids to play with.
Again, Ella was indifferent.
All in all, it really was such a neat thing to get to experience.
Living in the path of totality was such a blessing!

Hudson went to the dentist for the very first time!
He definitely wasn't the biggest fan, but he survived.
The dentist said that his teeth all look good, but they're a little close together so we need to start being really good about flossing them.
Hudson was pretty excited to get to pick out a toy, and he spent probably 3 minutes making sure he picked out the most perfect toy while I shot down half of what he wanted because I didn't want Ella to choke on them.

Spoiled by dad at the mall.

Trying on a new swimsuit. It was supposed to be for summer 2018, but I don't think that's going to happen since she's such a chunk hahaha.

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

We kicked July off with a super fun day date, and ever since I've been convinced that day dates are the way to go.
Some friends from our ward that live a minute or two away from us invited us to go riding up in Kelly Canyon. Taylor was so excited to get on a bike again, and I'll admit that I was too.
The scenery was so pretty, and a motorcycle ride is one of the best ways to take it in.
We followed some trails, got a little lost, and rode through a small river. 
Trevor peeked around the trail, thought it didn't look too deep, and took off through it.
Once we were all on the other side we discussed how it was way deeper than we thought-like up to our knees. It seemed even worse on the way back through. It was a good thing that Taylor is an experienced trail rider because we ended up going through some really rocky and hard trail.
All of the surprise terrain ended up making the adventure SO much fun! 
We're dying to get Taylor a bike, so we can go again as soon as possible.

Our ward had a little barbecue one evening to celebrate something probably? Again what I get for blogging so many months later.
I do remember that the food was so tasty!
Hudson enjoyed playing with his little friends, and he loved having the big field to run in. 
On the way home we stopped by the Jorgenson's to drop something off (?) and these two little monkeys kept themselves entertained while we were there.

Sunday festive wear before a holiday is my favorite!
These two loved riding in the wagon to church every Sunday during the summer.
The Fourth of July was so much fun! 
We started the day off at the city's parade.
Rebekah and Emily got us a great spot in the shade to watch the parade from while they participated in the Firecracker 5K. We were in the shade for all but that last 20ish minutes which was so nice.
The truth behind the perfect picture that gets posted on social media.
Hudson was a huge fan of the parade.
He came home with plenty of candy, coupons, and a balloon.
The parade absolutely wore Ella out.
She fell asleep so fast on the way home, and she has never been one to easily fall asleep in the car.
We spent the day playing outside, enjoying each other's company, and celebrating our great country,
We swam in the pool in our backyard, barbecued, played with sparklers, and enjoyed a few games or corn hole.
At some point in the afternoon we wandered over to the Bushes.
We let the boys play with some sparklers and poppers, and clearly they entertained themselves playing with each other.
Carly and I just happened to buy the same shirts for the boys for the Fourth of July.
They were the most adorable little twins.
After a late nap for Ella we went to the Snake River Landing for the fireworks.
We each got a sno cone, and then sat on the grass across from a small pond to watch the fireworks. 
We loved the new location for the event!
It was so much fun, and we were glad that we made the effort to go.
Sitting in the car for forever in a parking lot waiting to get out so we could go home wasn't our favorite thing ever, but it was still worth it.

Taylor's grandparents came up from Arizona to visit for a few days Unfortunately, living an hour and a half from Taylor's parents and where they were staying didn't leave us much time to visit with them. We had the chance to drive down to Grace the Saturday that they were there, and the kids loved it. 
I was impressed with how well Ella warmed up to her great grandparents. She really isn't a fan of anyone except Taylor and I, so we were thrilled that she let them hold her.

Cute little girlies while we were apparently over at the Bushes one day.
All I can think about while looking at this picture is that Ella has gotten more hair since July.

Cow Appreciation Day has to be in our top ten days of the year.
This year's did not disappoint.
I couldn't miss the opportunity to make this shirt for Hudson.

'Repping the family business in his 1st Choice Security Technologies shirt :) 
The phone and the cooler were the only way to get him to sit still long enough for a picture.

After our ward's pioneer breakfast we went the the Blue Angels air show.
It was kind of a last minute decision to attend, but Taylor got a free ticket from work, so we figured we might as well go. 
Hudson loves airplanes. He liked getting to be up so close to different airplanes.
We had watched the airplanes turn around over our house for a few days prior to the show, but it was way cooler to be right under all the action and not just catching a few seconds of them.
Hudson got some stickers from some army guys, and we decided to be nice and get him a little airplane. He still flies that plane around regularly.
Not a tree or any bit of shade from clouds in sight which made us super extra grateful for our super brella. There's no way we would have survived watching the show without it.
It was HOT that day. We promptly jumped in the pool once we got home. 

The highlight of the day for Hudson just might have been seeing this Lightening McQueen car. 
A local guy owns him so we see the car around town every now and then.

Cute naughty boys during sacrament meeting at church.
How can you even yell at them when they're so dang cute?!

This little boy took a LOVING to his bike this summer.
He would go and go and go, and most of the time we would have to force him to stop riding it. 
He started in the spring needing to have his feet strapped to his pedals, and by July he became a pro and didn't need the straps anymore.

Hudson gave the truck a wash one Saturday afternoon.
Did I mention we bought a new truck?! Because we did.
After trading in our Journey we no longer had a vehicle that had 4 wheel drive.
This wasn't the end of the world, but then we found out that Taylor's little Dakota had quite a few problems and it wasn't worth it to us to put the money into it that it needed. So, we sold it for cheap and bought a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500.
Taylor is in love with it, and I'll admit that it is really nice to have a nicer truck and the 4 wheel drive has come in handy.

Bike rides at the Snake River Landing became a weekly occurence during the summer. 
Every Sunday after church and naps we would load up the kids and the bikes and make our way to one of our favorite trails.
The kids absolutely loved it.

A trip to the library.
Hudson couldn't wait to read his new books! 
He climbed in the van while I was getting Ella in her seat, sat down on the floor, and started reading. 
It was absolutely adorable to see how excited he was. 

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