12 Months of Ella// Month 10

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Weight: 21ish pounds

Height: 29 inches

Diapers: Size 3

Clothes: 9 months and 12 months

Sleeping: She takes two 2ish hour naps a day and is usually going down for the night between 7 and 8 and waking up around 7:30 for the day. She is no longer swaddled. FINALLY! Pretty much when I stopped swaddling her she stopped wanting us to put her to sleep. Now I put her in her crib with a bottle, turn on her sound machine, and she puts herself to sleep. Sometimes she will babble for a little while and other times she goes right to sleep. If she doesn't fall asleep very quickly and when she wakes up she reaches through the crib slots and grabs countless headbands and other things that are in the storage cart next to her bed.

Eating: She is starting to take purees less and less, but she will eat them if they're in a food pouch. Thank goodness for reusable food pouches! She out eats Hudson during most meals, but that's no surprise when you see all the chub. She only drinks bottles when she goes to bed, and is still drinking 6 ounces then. Favorite food include: graham crackers, watermelon, lasagna, ice cream, and strawberry Cheerios. For having no teeth the girl does extremely well at eating. Whenever she sees food she has a signature grunt she does when she wants you to feed her. It's both hilarious and annoying.

Milestones: Says "dadada" now. Standing for brief periods of time without holding onto anything. Still no teeth. First oreo thanks to Aunt Bekah. First Fourth of July. Met her Great Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Denny for the first time.

Likes: bath time/ any and all of Hudson's toys-especially any that he is playing with at that moment/ being outside/ her blanket

Dislikes: Being shut in a room by herself (normally done so by Hudson)/ diaper changes/ the sun in her face while riding in the car

Personality: Ella is really starting to realize when she makes you laugh, and if she makes you laugh she will do whatever it is she was doing again and again. Once she finds something she's really interested in she will play with it for quite a while.  She follows everyone around and constantly climbs up your legs.
Her 9 month check up went great. It was our 3rd time at the doctor's office in two weeks, so we were happy to have it taken care of. 
Starting to stand on her own!

Hudson's 10 months update can be found here

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